Polari Journal Special Issue - transVerse - Issue 4 October 2011 


Issue Editors: D. J. Baker & Sujay Kentlyn 




The one thing that everybody wants is to be free...not to be managed, threatened, directed, restrained, obliged, fearful, administered. They want none of these things, they all want to feel free. The word discipline and forbidden and investigated and imprisoned brings horror and fear into all hearts. They do not want to be afraid; not more than is necessary in the ordinary business of living where one has to earn one's living and has to fear want and disease and death....The only thing that any one wants now is to be free, to be let alone, to live their life as they can, but not to be watched, controlled and scared, no no, not.
                                                               - Gertrude Stein, September 1943. 


Editorial Comment

"I stared far back into my past and remembered the child who couldn't be catalogued by Sears. I saw her standing in front of her own mirror, in her father's suit, asking me if I was the person she would grow up and become. Yes, I answered her. And I thought how brave she was to have begun this journey, to have withstood the towering judgements."  - Leslie Feinberg (Stone Butch Blues)

The purpose of this special issue of Polari Journal is to feature the best in writing by transgender, transsexual, intersex, androgynous and genderqueer writers, artists, activists and commentators as well as writing by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer writers that features trans & intersex characters, lives, culture or issues.

It is well acknowledged that individuals living inbetween or outside the boundaries of socially enforced gender norms struggle not only with day to day living but with being able to speak openly about their experience. They also struggle to be heard. Therefore, and in acknowledgement of the courage displayed by gender non-normative individuals suggested by the Feinberg quote above, this issue adopted an inclusive attitude with regards to the selection of work. As a result, transVerse showcases writing by professional authors and scholars as well as writing by members of the trans and intersex communities who may not be professional writers but who have come to use writing as a tool to document, express and explore their personal experience of gender and sex.

This issue demonstrates the diversity of the trans and intersex communtities and also reflects the differing degrees of engagement with the practice of writing within those communities. Furthermore, transVerse features work by established and emerging writers and scholars as well as those who have put pen to paper (or cursor to screen) only recently. We at Polari Journal feel that this brings a richness to this special issue that is worth celebrating. We hope you enjoy reading transVerse as much as we enjoyed creating it!




Featuring an essay by Ace Falcor, poetry by Adrian Costello and Sujay Kentlyn and a scripted piece by Deborah Hunn.


If Gender is Performance, Where is My Costume

Designer ?!? - Essay by Ace Falcor

Falcor-Gender_Costume.pdf Falcor-Gender_Costume.pdf
Size : 873.912 Kb
Type : pdf

Four Laundromat Shorts

- by Deborah Hunn

Hunn-Laundromat.pdf Hunn-Laundromat.pdf
Size : 501.882 Kb
Type : pdf


A Study of the Human Heart 

- Poetry by Adrian Costello

Costello-Heart.pdf Costello-Heart.pdf
Size : 248.391 Kb
Type : pdf


- A poem by Sujay Kentlyn

Kentlyn-Waterline.pdf Kentlyn-Waterline.pdf
Size : 170.226 Kb
Type : pdf





Featuring a 'cartoon haiku' by Sam Orchard

Sam Orchard is currently a Masters student at the Auckland University of Technology and the author of a weekly webcomic Rooster Tails.




Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction


Gender Politics at the Camellia Grill

Creative Non-fiction by Jen Ralston

Ralston-Camellia_Grill.pdf Ralston-Camellia_Grill.pdf
Size : 180.125 Kb
Type : pdf


Prose by Karina Quinn

Quinn-Dose.pdf Quinn-Dose.pdf
Size : 250.648 Kb
Type : pdf


Je Suis a la Fois

Creative Non-fiction by Beau Laurence  

Laurence-La_Fois.pdf Laurence-La_Fois.pdf
Size : 214.415 Kb
Type : pdf

Joe Goosey

Fiction by Cassandra Kelly 

Kelly-Goosey.pdf Kelly-Goosey.pdf
Size : 270.782 Kb
Type : pdf



A Novel Excerpt by Carmen Phelps

Phelps-Woman.pdf Phelps-Woman.pdf
Size : 294.927 Kb
Type : pdf


Fiction by Jamie Merton-Richards

Merton-Richards-Dirt.pdf Merton-Richards-Dirt.pdf
Size : 216.99 Kb
Type : pdf


Gender & Sexuality/Don't Worry

Commentary by Robyn Whittaker

Whittaker-Don't_Worry.pdf Whittaker-Don't_Worry.pdf
Size : 235.874 Kb
Type : pdf

A Good Bloke

Creative Non-Fiction by Dallas Angguish

Angguish-Good_Bloke.pdf Angguish-Good_Bloke.pdf
Size : 211.159 Kb
Type : pdf






Like Music

Poetry by Mattia Marino

Marino-Poems.pdf Marino-Poems.pdf
Size : 197.168 Kb
Type : pdf

A Transgendered Life

Poetry by Julie Peters

Peters-Transgendered_Life.pdf Peters-Transgendered_Life.pdf
Size : 185.463 Kb
Type : pdf


Final Cut & Mask

Poetry by Carol Robson

Robson-Final_Cut.pdf Robson-Final_Cut.pdf
Size : 192.997 Kb
Type : pdf

Stranger in My Mirror & Boxes

Poetry by Kiera/n White

White-Stranger.pdf White-Stranger.pdf
Size : 192.456 Kb
Type : pdf


Don't Say 'Transgender'

Poetry by Sari Krosinsky 

Krosinsky-Transgender.pdf Krosinsky-Transgender.pdf
Size : 247.066 Kb
Type : pdf

People Can See My Soul Like a Big Beautiful Light

Poetry by Bevan Walker

Walker-Beautiful_Light.pdf Walker-Beautiful_Light.pdf
Size : 180.076 Kb
Type : pdf






Transmasculinity and Desire: Salamon, Merleau-Ponty and the Embodied Experience of a Genderqueer Transboy

A Scholarly Essay by Joey Macdonald

Macdonald-Transmasculinity.pdf Macdonald-Transmasculinity.pdf
Size : 392.007 Kb
Type : pdf


Sling-Back-Violence and the Story of an Essex Girl

A Scholarly Essay by Julia Horncastle 

Horncastle-Sling_Back.pdf Horncastle-Sling_Back.pdf
Size : 354.111 Kb
Type : pdf


Participating in Research: What's In It For Me?

A Scholarly Essay by Ashley Van Houten 


Van-Houten-Participating.pdf Van-Houten-Participating.pdf
Size : 244.635 Kb
Type : pdf