Polari Journal - Issue 5 - April 2012


Issue Editor: D. J. Baker  





"A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave."

- Oscar Wilde 

Oscar Wilde 



Featuring one-act plays by Rosebud Ben-Oni, Dallas Angguish and Michael Martin.


Madeleine Remains - a one-act play by Michael Martin 

Martin-Madeleine-Remains.pdf Martin-Madeleine-Remains.pdf
Size : 865.919 Kb
Type : pdf

Don't Call It Returning - a one-act play by Rosebud Ben-Oni 

Ben-Oni-Returning.pdf Ben-Oni-Returning.pdf
Size : 315.03 Kb
Type : pdf


Bath Party - a one-act play by Dallas Angguish 

Angguish-Bath-Party.pdf Angguish-Bath-Party.pdf
Size : 936.809 Kb
Type : pdf




Lauren J Marshall is a Melbourne based photographer committed to creating beautiful and emotive images. Using mainly natural light, Lauren’s candid documentary style truly captures the heart of the moment.




An internship at the Melbourne Herald Sun sparked Lauren’s passion for photojournalism. The idea of using photography to capture a person’s ‘story’ was ignited. Over time, this has developed into the focal point of Lauren’s business - LJM Photography.


Lauren generally eases into a shoot rather than whipping her camera out straight away (unless something dynamic is already happening). Lauren prefers to start by asking questions, getting to know her subjects and just watching how they work together. By listening and paying attention to her subject’s stories, they inevitably start showing her the (often small) things that matter to them: objects in their house, photographs, art, their garden, furnishings, a room. Together, these items help Lauren to build a connection into her subject’s lives. They relax; a glow fills their eyes, they’re comfortable with Lauren being there. From there, Lauren photographs them, interacting, revealing who they are and how they work together. For more information click HERE.


Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction


‘A Subject Torn’ beside The Waves (Or: Another Act of Thievery Passed Off as Borrowing…) - fictocritical writing by Deborah Hunn

Hunn-Subject-Torn.pdf Hunn-Subject-Torn.pdf
Size : 927.929 Kb
Type : pdf

Rhyme Without To Reason Within - prose by Ames Hawkins 

Hawkins-Rhyme.pdf Hawkins-Rhyme.pdf
Size : 829.58 Kb
Type : pdf


Water and Oil - short fiction by Karina Quinn 

Quinn-Water&Oil.pdf Quinn-Water&Oil.pdf
Size : 858.859 Kb
Type : pdf

The End of Our Broadcast Day - short fiction by Thomas Kearnes 

Kearnes-Broadcast-Day.pdf Kearnes-Broadcast-Day.pdf
Size : 868.554 Kb
Type : pdf


Burning Up - short fiction by Kent Quaney 

Quaney-Burning-Up.pdf Quaney-Burning-Up.pdf
Size : 862.345 Kb
Type : pdf

Snapshots - prose by Samantha Allen 

Allen-Snapshots.pdf Allen-Snapshots.pdf
Size : 848.287 Kb
Type : pdf





Skating & Other Poems - poetry by Stephen Mead

Mead-Skating.pdf Mead-Skating.pdf
Size : 832.661 Kb
Type : pdf

Slower Giggle & Other Poems - poetry by Connor Stratman 

Stratman-Slower-Giggle.pdf Stratman-Slower-Giggle.pdf
Size : 824.625 Kb
Type : pdf


Strange Pyro & Other Poems - micro poetry by Aser Peleg

Peleg-Strange-Pyro.pdf Peleg-Strange-Pyro.pdf
Size : 818.979 Kb
Type : pdf

Still Life - a poem by Lauren J. Rogener 

Rogener-Still-Life.pdf Rogener-Still-Life.pdf
Size : 843.897 Kb
Type : pdf





Gay Liberation - an essay by Jeremy Fisher 

Fisher-Gay-Liberation.pdf Fisher-Gay-Liberation.pdf
Size : 899.123 Kb
Type : pdf

Raiding The Real: Written Resurrections and the Death of Desire in Colm Tóibín’s The Master  - a scholarly essay by David B. Huebert 

Huebert-Raiding-the-Real.pdf Huebert-Raiding-the-Real.pdf
Size : 961.546 Kb
Type : pdf



Trauma and Belonging - a scholarly essay by Dallas J. Baker 





Dallas J. Baker reviews Graeme Aitken's The Indignities

Baker-Indignities-Review.pdf Baker-Indignities-Review.pdf
Size : 861.15 Kb
Type : pdf