Polari Journal - Issue 3 - April 2011


 Issue Editors: D. J. Baker & Sharon Dunne





"The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy"

- Djuna Barnes, Nightwood (1936).

 Djuna Barnes



Featuring poetry by Michael Farrell and Nicholas YB Wong, prose by Schlomo Steel and a one-act play by David-Matthew Barnes.


Sky in the Pie - poetry by Michael Farrell 

Sky in the Pie, For Mickey Mouse and Raspberry Beret.

Farrell-Sky.pdf Farrell-Sky.pdf
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Hog-Tied - prose by Schlomo Steel

Bodies like mashed potatoes, the smell of buffed patent leather and the sanctity of interfemoral sex.
Steel-Hogtied.pdf Steel-Hogtied.pdf
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Johnny Ramirez Really Wants to Kiss Me

- a One-Act play by David-Matthew Barnes

Barnes-Johnny-Ramirez.pdf Barnes-Johnny-Ramirez.pdf
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Written by Youth - poetry by Nicholas YB Wong

Written by YouthOrdinary and On Food.

Wong-Written.pdf Wong-Written.pdf
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Gender - Gesture - Caress

Featuring the photography of Rebecca Swan

The images below feature members of the queer and trans communities and constitute a brief journey into the intimacies, nuances and complexities of gender identity. Rebecca Swan's book Assume Nothing (2004) intimately documents the gender journeys of a wide range of queer and trans individuals.


 Sean & Lisa 1999



Personal Taste (Detail) 2010 

Karl # 2 1999



For over 20 years Rebecca Swan has exhibited in major galleries and museums in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Spain, England, Scotland and Germany. Swan has 3 books published in 11countries: The Big C (1996), Assume Nothing (2004) and The Good Life (2010). Rebecca Swan is represented by two dealer galleries: Mark Hutchins Gallery in Wellington and Whitespace in Auckland. Swan’s art work is held in public and private collections in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Award winning film-maker, Kirsty MacDonald, has made two films about Swan’s work: Black and White (2006) and Assume Nothing (2009). Both films continue to screen at festivals and are broadcast all over the world.

Rebecca Swan identifies as queer. Swan’s life partner, Jack, is a transguy. The couple undertook a civil union ceremony in 2009.  Swan’s partner is the subject of some of her work. Fabricated Truths is their love story and Jack is featured in Assume Nothing, the film and exhibition. Jack project-managed the world's first transgender inquiry. The pair work independently and together on projects on gender identity and sexual orientation and have been invited to talk and run workshops both in New Zealand and internationally. 


Carmen 1999 



 Fiction and Essay


Jericho - Creative Non-Fiction by Ruth DyckFehderau 

DyckFehderau-Jericho.pdf DyckFehderau-Jericho.pdf
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Playing Yo-Yo at Waterloo Bridge - Prose by Nina Rapi

Rapi-Yo-Yo.pdf Rapi-Yo-Yo.pdf
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Ejaculating Jealousy - Short Fiction by Aimee Herman

Herman-Ejaculating-Jealousy.pdf Herman-Ejaculating-Jealousy.pdf
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Poetic Translations by Javant Biarujia

Three poems by Arthur Rimbaud rendered into Polari.

Biarujia-Polari-Rimbuad.pdf Biarujia-Polari-Rimbuad.pdf
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Type : pdf

Dionysus - Poetry by Lauren Antrosiglio

Four Poems: Dionysus, For Nora, Five to Three and Self Portrait.

Antrosiglio-Dionysus.pdf Antrosiglio-Dionysus.pdf
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Beefcake - Poetry by Chase Dimock

Three fresh poems from an emerging talent. 

Dimock-Beefcake.pdf Dimock-Beefcake.pdf
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Combing Through a Porn Shop on their Honeymoon

- Poetic Humor by Connie A. Lopez-Hood 

Hood-Combing-Porn.pdf Hood-Combing-Porn.pdf
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Query - Poetry by Camara Awkward-Rich

3  poems: Query, Fighting Words (at e) and Apocalypse Theory #8.

Awkward-Rich-Query.pdf Awkward-Rich-Query.pdf
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Queer Writing/Writing Queer

A Review Essay by Dallas J. Baker

Baker-Writing-Queer.pdf Baker-Writing-Queer.pdf
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